Annie and Heart Ornaments

I Love this primitive Annie Heart Ornament! This is a free pattern from…Thank You!

The darker Annie heads are ones I made up a while ago the lighter ones I sewed and stuffed a while ago but just got around to dying it the day before yesterday. The dye I used was from coffee grounds not instant coffee so it didn’t turn out as grungy…but grungy is what I like.

To the coffee dye I added some cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and orange flavoring. See the tags? I’m going to redye them when I get the instant coffee dye made…it’s too light. Can’t hardly tell they’ve been dyed except for some cinnamon grounds.

All they need now is some ribbon to hang from a tree or it can be used as a package tie on or a Christmas pin.

This is such a simple craft to make but it’s so nice and the creator of this pattern – only asks that you give her the credit for the pattern. What a great deal!

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