Applesauce Cinnamon Stars Wire Wrapped

My batch of applesauce cinnamon ornaments have dried and with food coloring I’ve died one side of all the hearts and while I was waiting for it to dry I wire wrapped one of the stars. It’s the first time I’ve done this. Usually I make a hole with a straw before it dries to put ribbon through but since I’ve been wire wrapping sea glass a lot lately I thought I’d try my applesauce cinnamon ornaments too.

Since I planned to wire wrap before I made this batch I made the ornaments pretty thick at 1/4″ wide.

Please excuse my red fingers in the photos, it’s from the red food coloring.

The wire I used is 24 ga craft wire that I bought at Ben Franklin.

Bend the wire eyeballing the length you want the loop to be.

Twist the longer part around the shorter part.

Place the wire behind the star (wherever you want it to be).

This is the back of the star. I turned the wire to the left here.

I’ve wrapped the wire around the front and to the back.

I tucked the wire under the wire forming the hook to form a catch.

Now I just wire away however I want. This is a simple design but it has to be wired in such a way so that the ornament can’t slip out. This is the back view after I finished wiring. See how I wired over the hook wire? That’s to keep the hook wire in place.

Here it is all wired up. I took the end of the wire and wrapped the hook wire again going up and back down.

This is how the back looks finished.

I can use this to hang on our Christmas tree or I can use it as a package ornament, or as an ornament on a flower or wreath arrangement.



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