Excited About the Holidays Coming Up!

I think it’s the Holidays coming up or the anticipation of a cooler time of the year. It’s been so hot on Maui this past summer, people are bored out of their heads cause there’s been no waves to really speak of and no sea glass either! Well at least not for me.

But yea the Holidays! Their coming and I’m so excited so I’ve really been thinking up all kinds of crafts I want to make. So far I have my applesauce cinnamon ornaments.

My family is opting for applesauce cinnamon, cloth, and any kind of ornament that’s unbreakable due to a cute 1 year old we have walking around the house! I’m sure he’s gonna wanna touch the tree LOL!

Today I’m going to finish wiring my applesauce cinnamon stars and then I have to paint the bottoms of the hearts. Lots to do!!!

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