Felt Covered Barrettes For Girls Young and Old :)

On my quest to look for korker curly ribbon Christmas hair bows or barrettes I found these cute little felt covered hair clips. Perfect for little baby girls and their moms too!


I couldn’t find a tutorial specifically for Christmas korker curly ribbon hair bows! I’ll keep looking πŸ™‚ In the meantime a craft mom or grandma or even aunt might wanna try making these cute little barrettes for some little girl in their life. As for me I have many, many little princesses that I can make this for! I have a lot of grand niece’s and one brand new niece and I’ve always wanted to make hair accessories for their Christmas gifts.


I got this tutorial at Angry Chicken and the URL is:Β http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2007/06/this_house_is_w.html

How cute these are!
I can’t wait to see them on my nieces!

felt coverred barrettes



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