Manga Comic Book Planter

Now this is definitely different but if you’re an avid Manga comic book reader like my youngest daughter then there might be a little sadness about this. 

Nevertheless! I think this is a very cool idea! I wonder if you could take a bunch of magazines and just bunch them up together? That’s what I thought it was at first until I went to another site and found out it’s one (1) comic book!

This Manga comic book planter is home to a radish plant. Very pretty and unique I think 🙂

I found this at and this is the URL although there really isn’t much of a tutorial so a little experimenting might be in order. I’m going to give two (2) URL’s to look up:



I’ve often wondered what kinds of crafts could be made with magazines. There are so many and they just seem to go to waste so this is certainly an idea to experiment with! It’s off to Maui Friends Of The Library (MFOL)!


manga comic planter








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