Aging And Stenciling Wood Signs

When my husband and I lived in Louisiana in the 1978ish time, we bought a house in Shreveport. It was a corner lot, fenced in house. We had a large kitchen, a large yard, a large den, and 2 bathrooms. I was in Love with my house, and we bought it for $17,850.00. I can just imagine what it’s worth now.


Back then I was really into home decor. Every holiday I would decorate, make my own wreaths, candle holders, just all kinds of crafts.


I didn’t age signs but I used to age our furniture. I remember some of the steps. I would first paint the wood then put a coat of paint thinner to make it crackle, then sand it then coat it with a clear covering. It always turned out so primitive although at the time I didn’t know about primitive crafting.


I also used to macrame shelves for my husbands co-workers and the wood that I would use I always did that aging process.


So needless to say I absolutely adore these signs and Americanprim Primitive How To’s has graciously posted a step by step tutorial on how to make these aged signs. It’s good fun, makes wonderful gifts, or keep for yourself 🙂


Here is the link to the tutorial:  







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