How To Make Etched Glass

I was going to start the title out with Mother’s Day Gift Craft Idea but realized this is a craft that can be used anytime for practically anything.

Here this beautiful craft is done on a trifle bowl and she also shows how she personalizes her Pyrex bowls as well although in the comment section several ladies said it didn’t work on theirs. It doesn’t work on all Pyrex bowls.

There are countless ideas to come to my head and one of them is a for a wedding take-away gift. You can get glasses very inexpensively at Ross Dept. Store or if you’re into recycling you can go to a thrift store and buy different sizes and shapes of clear glasses then have the names of the newlyweds and their wedding date etched onto a glass with a nice design. These glasses can serve as vases as vases or you can fill the bottom with glass baubles you can buy at Wal-Mart and place a tealight candle in the middle. 

So many ideas but I’m sure you have your own so here’s the link where I got this tutorial from:

Read the comments as well, there’s a lot of good stuff!

etched glass

etch glass 2







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