Hi! Thanks for visiting my Craft:>D WAHM site/blog.

Well, as you can see by the title of my site/blog I am a work at home mom and I plan to stay a work at home mom for as long as I live!

I live on Maui with my 3 children, 1 son-in-law, and 2 grandsons. I have always Loved to craft since I was a little girl. With life so hectic nowadays I don’t have as much time to make crafts like I used to although for the holidays I manage to get in a couple for decorating or for gifts which is so much fun for me!

So, what I like to do is look for crafts on the internet and share with everyone. I post a photo with credit to the original owner of that photo as well as a short description of that craft and a link to the page I got it from. Most of the crafts I share are ones that I like and would like to make at some point in my life.

I hope you enjoy the crafts I find and I hope you click on to the craft page I found it on. Happy Crafting!

Holidays coming up soon!

Valentine’s Day ~ February 14th

Easter ~ March 31st


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